Using Invoicery as your umbrella employer means you keep control of how you work.

More and more individuals are starting their own businesses or supplementing their traditional employment with a hobby, passion or skill they can be paid for. They want to maintain the control over when and how they work, but don't want the administrative burden that can come with it. There is a need for a new solution to traditional employment or self employment. At Invoicery, we call this the light entrepreneur.

By working with Invoicery, you maintain flexibility over your work. Whilst you are performing an assignment, you will be classed as a casual worker from an employment law perspective, and an employee from a tax perspective. This means you don't have to worry about setting up your own company or submitting a tax return for the work you complete with Invoicery. Invoicery takes on all of the legal employer responsibilities such as insurance, VAT, taxes and social security contributions. That means you can focus on doing what you do best.

Why choose Invoicery?

Work across multiple projects at the same time

As a light entrepreneur you can work on both regular and one off or temporary assignments.

It's quick and easy

You don't need to be a tax expert because we take care of that for you. In just a few minutes you can create an account and register your assignment.

No startup cost

Signing up for Invoicery is free, and we charge just 6% of the final invoice amount. We can therefore help support you while you test a new business idea.

Always insured

Working with Invoicery, you'll automatically be covered for public liability, employers' liability and professional indemnity.

No administration

You can focus entirely on your assignments. Invoicing, chasing payments, VAT and HMRC reporting is all managed by us.

Our insurance covers:

Professional Indemnity (£2mn) - this covers you for a mistake or negligence on your part which results in your end client claiming compensation (for example if they suffer a financial loss as a result). The claim would be made against Invoicery, as the umbrella employer, and our insurance covers the claim, plus any associated legal costs.

Public Liability (£2mn) - this covers injury or loss to a member of the public or a colleague which occurs as a result of something you do.

Employer’s Liability (£10mn) - this is a legal requirement for anyone with workers or employees. It covers claims made by you as a result of loss or injury occuring from working with Invoicery.