Invoicery's mission is to enable people to invoice for their work in an easy and safe way. Since our inception in 1999, we have helped more than 55,000 people to do what they love and get paid for it without having their own company or worrying about business administration. We have clients in almost all professions and we operate across Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, France and the UK.

The Invoicery team

Client support


We are passionate about our clients and really take an interest in what they do so we can offer the best support. When you work with Invoicery, you will have a dedicated contact who can talk through your business plans with you. We don't just provide a service, we help you to develop.

We like challenges and enjoy solving problems. We care about the people we work with and want to ensure they are enjoying the work they do and feel they have the support to reach their potential.


The IT department is responsible maintaining, and perhaps more importantly developing our systems and tools. We strive to provide the most efficient and simplest technical solutions for our clients.

Our marketing and finance teams are embedded in our organisation to ensure they are providing the best support to our internal staff. They support across all the countries we operate in and work on both our Individual and Business sides of the business.

Stephen Schad

Stephen Schad, CEO

+46 722 40 36 05

Anders Stenberg

Anders Stenberg, Country Manager Norway

+47 468 76 607

Joanna Boivin

Joanna Boivin, Country Manager, France

+33 642 833 726

Lars Bengtsson

Lars Bengtsson, CFO

+46 760 01 26 98

Christian Rähn

Christian Rähn, HR

+46 760 01 26 97

Marcus Jonsson

Marcus Jonsson, CMO

+46 705 13 66 48

Mikael Westöö

Mikael Westöö, CIO


Mats Ottosson

Mats Ottosson, HR International CEO

+46 760 01 26 96

Work with us

We are an organisation of 50 people whose culture is permeated by the desire to help each other and the clients we work with. Take a look at our vacancies at or send us an open application.

About Invoicery

Our vision

Mats Mellan

We believe in people's ability to create.

We know that as humans, we enjoy creating something of value and feeling inspired to do so. Invoicery provides the optimal conditions for this to happen, allowing independent professionals to start or to grow their business with peace of mind.

"Power is a word that can sound very hard. When we use the word power, we want to communicate you have control over the profits which are generated from your work - you should get a fair share. We also believe that you should have the right to participate in the planning and deciding with who you will work and how your work will be performed."

Stephen Schad, CEO

Lisa Anckarman

Stephen Schad (CEO and founder), originally ran a talent agency in Sweden.

Stephen had a good understanding of the tax and administration aspects and as a result, some of the musicians and artists from the agency asked him if he could also could help them with their administration in exchange for a small percentage of their fee.

The organisation of Frilans Finans was born and the number of individuals trusting us to manage their administative aspects grew to the thousands. Today, Frilans Finans has expanded into other markets with the name Invoicery and we now have more than 55,000 account holders in all types of industries. The purpose of the business remains the same as in the beginning; making it possible for individuals to use their creativity and energy to do what they are good at, without having to think about management, taxes, debt collection and insurance.

Invoicery and Frilans Finans (across Europe)

Some numbers

Full time employees within the organisation: 50

Account holders: 55,000 (2018)

Sent invoices: over 300,000

Global turnover: 100 589 000 000 euros (2018)

Countries we have invoiced in: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Thailand, Spain, United States, Malaysia, Ghana

Our offices

Invoicery is an international organisation ready to help you to do business further afield. Please contact us for more information, or if the country you are interested in is missing on the map.